3 Short Handed Texas Holdem Tips To Reduce Losses From Blinds

Short handed Texas Holdem has a problem that the blinds come around very often and eat your stack. Don’t be a victim, read this article now to learn how to reduce your losses.

You can win a lot of money playing short handed Texas Holdem if you know how. The speed of the game and the money on the table is much more profitable than full table play. But it is also dangerous due to the losses that will leak from your stack due to the heavy blinds coming around very often. These tips will teach you how to reduce losses from this unstoppable force.

Shorthanded Texas Holdem Tips For Reducing Losses From Blinds #1

First things first, to limit losses from the blinds you’re going to have to play more pots. And in order to play more pots you have to loosen up. It’s just a fact of short handed play.

It’s not all that bad, because “weaker” cards have more inherent value at a short table for the very fact that there are less players. So first, loosen up.

Shorthanded Texas Holdem Tips For Reducing Losses From Blinds #2

The second thing is to steal blinds and ante’s, anytime. Blind steals and ante steals can be done at any time from any position.

At a short table position has a little less value. Not exactly, playing from position always has it’s strength, but the fact is that the positions will be rotating more often so you need to take advantage of anything you can.

Shorthanded Texas Holdem Tips For Reducing Losses From Blinds #3

The third thing you’ll need to do is start playing the players even more than normal. Psych outs, bullying, isolating and targeting are more important than ever.

I love short hand play because it’s just like an ego-free-for-all. Half the time I don’t even care what cards I have it’s who’s got the deepest pockets and the biggest balls. That’s poker.