Family Camping Tents With All the Comforts of Home

Many families spend time together camping and enjoying the outdoors. Family camping tents can offer comfort and convenience for even inexperienced campers, and come from basic to deluxe. Considering your needs and wants before making a purchase can help make camping a relaxing experience for everyone.

Mother nature can be unpredictable, and that can be okay when in your home. Being prepared when camping can help turn rainy, stormy weather into fun in the tent. Seams that are waterproof and offer resistance help to keep water out. Humid and hot days can be uncomfortable, and proper and sufficient ventilation can help cool things off and keep gear from getting damp.

Many tents offer areas for storage that allows bags and other gear to be tucked away, out of the living space in the tent. Dividers and room separators offer privacy, and can keep kids from fighting over space. Tents with divided rooms for eating, sleeping and changing make it feel like home, and give everyone a private space.

Windows and doors in tents are opened and closed with zippers, and can easily wear and break. Reinforced zippers can prevent problems and repairs. Cots and foot traffic can wear tent floors, and finding one that can stand up to your family or be removed is always a good idea.

Even experienced campers appreciate a tent that is simple and easy to get set up. Campground set up can be fast if the tent offers a design that allows it to be pitched easily. Being caught in the rain fighting with a complicated tent can sour the thought of future camping trips, so ensure it is a breeze to erect.

Taller people will appreciate amenities like extra head space. Tents are available with outdoor screen rooms attached, and this can be a convenient option for getting eating and relaxing away from bugs. An awning can provide a retreat from the rain, and can also help to divert water. Shower and change facilities can be a great add on, and can come as part of the tent or purchased separately.

Families that enjoy the outdoors can relax in comfort with all of the possibilities available for family camping tents. Browse all the possibilities, and buy a tent that works best for your family’s comfort, convenience, safety and privacy, Everyone will be happy about camping trips when they offer all the comforts of home.

3 Short Handed Texas Holdem Tips To Reduce Losses From Blinds

Short handed Texas Holdem has a problem that the blinds come around very often and eat your stack. Don’t be a victim, read this article now to learn how to reduce your losses.

You can win a lot of money playing short handed Texas Holdem if you know how. The speed of the game and the money on the table is much more profitable than full table play. But it is also dangerous due to the losses that will leak from your stack due to the heavy blinds coming around very often. These tips will teach you how to reduce losses from this unstoppable force.

Shorthanded Texas Holdem Tips For Reducing Losses From Blinds #1

First things first, to limit losses from the blinds you’re going to have to play more pots. And in order to play more pots you have to loosen up. It’s just a fact of short handed play.

It’s not all that bad, because “weaker” cards have more inherent value at a short table for the very fact that there are less players. So first, loosen up.

Shorthanded Texas Holdem Tips For Reducing Losses From Blinds #2

The second thing is to steal blinds and ante’s, anytime. Blind steals and ante steals can be done at any time from any position.

At a short table position has a little less value. Not exactly, playing from position always has it’s strength, but the fact is that the positions will be rotating more often so you need to take advantage of anything you can.

Shorthanded Texas Holdem Tips For Reducing Losses From Blinds #3

The third thing you’ll need to do is start playing the players even more than normal. Psych outs, bullying, isolating and targeting are more important than ever.

I love short hand play because it’s just like an ego-free-for-all. Half the time I don’t even care what cards I have it’s who’s got the deepest pockets and the biggest balls. That’s poker.

Gluten Free Restaurant

Looking for a Gluten Free Restaurant? Whether removing gluten is a choice or a requirement, eating out can be a bit of a challenge. Think about it, a restaurant’s goal is make their food taste good. This means pizza, pasta, bread and more topped with fats, sugars and salt. Dining out at your favorite restaurant becomes a bit challenging when you are eating healthy and going free of gluten!

You may try looking for a gluten-free restaurant, but that can be a bit challenging. Although more and more people are being diagnosed with a gluten allergy (or are choosing to remove gluten by choice), not many restaurants have caught up with the needs of this special group yet. YES, GF restaurants DO exist, but they are still quite rare.

Instead of looking for a self-proclaimed gluten-free restaurant, I recommend you “customize” your orders to make your meal out of gluten and healthy. Every style of food has its own challenges, but this task can be quite easy with the right tips. First, I highly recommend avoiding Italian and Chinese if you can. They will be your most difficult options for trying to remain gluten-free and healthy.

Mexican is actually one of the easiest restaurants to find tasty gluten-free options. Simply pick a mean, add some veggies and beans and you are all set!
At other restaurants, you’ll want to avoid the buns on sandwiches and burgers, say NO to pasta, and avoid any other side that may have gluten (like fried finger foods!)

Two Things to Watch Out:

Gluten does sneak into a LOT of our foods! But when you dine out, here are the two easy tricks I recommend for those who are tempted by delicious food:

1. Say NO to the bread rolls & tortilla chips! Free food brought at the beginning of a meal can be tempting, just ask the server to return it, otherwise it sits their calling your name.
2. Pass on the appetizers! Most servers will pull out all the stops to entice you with appetizers. MOST of them are fried or breaded. This contains gluten! NOT GOOD! Just say no to appetizers! Don’t even look at that part of the menu!

Gluten is found everywhere! Removing it can do wonders for your body and your energy levels! Unfortunately, when dining out, you have to get smart about what you eat. Instead of searching for a non-existent gluten-free restaurant, just take your favorite meals and make them gluten-free yourself! Good luck!